Developer Characters - Characters based on the developers or their friends.

Name Class RWC
Kenthavian Väinämöinen Artemist: Black Hood (Ben)
Terrence Soulreaver Abyssal Gatekeeper (Sam)
??? Sylph (Chartered Aeromancer) (Tyler)
Ariadne Naiad (Chartered Hydromancer) (Arianna)
Luminae Camillus (Thaumaturge of White Dawn) (Camilla)
Christine Fate (Madison)
Cwenifere Salamander (Daemon Pyromancer) (Carly)
Hokira Lotussan Registered Therian (Hana)
Kieth Silver I forgot... sheepish grin (Jacob)
Kileth Uisdean Isalyn? (Chartered Cryomancer) (Kyle)
Marionnetta Mystborn (Ecliptic Allomancer) (Rebekah)
Rex Hellion Artemist: Lunar Charter (Malcolm)
Rosaline Artemist: Red Hood (Rachel)
Rhiannon Dryad (Chartered Geomancer) (Kayla)
Tyberius Powell Darkshard Bearer (Tyree)
Umbrella Kate Gravelord (Chartered Necromancer) (Micaela)
Shiandirea Druid (Michelle)

Original Characters

Anomander Azzurrage







Vhanderwheyele Manor

An aristocratic estate separated from time. It is owned by a Vampire from the late 16th and early 17th centuries, and has run the manor into the present day. Characters directly related to the manor will be listed on the respective page above.

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