Cwen The Salamander
Cwen Sketch.png
A quick sketch of our friendly neighborhood Salamander.
Job/Class Salamander
Charter Daemonic
Race Human
Sex Female
Age 18
Birthday 10-14-1995
Death No
Home Rocky Mountains
Height 5'5"
Weight ~120-140? ish?
Hair Brown pixie
Eyes Hazel
Character Infobox

Cwenifere (Kwenifɚ) is one of the few Salamanders left in the world, and happens to be quite well known among the students of AAMagica. She and Tyberius Powell grew up together, and have been best friends since the 1st grade. She hates the name Cwenifere and prefers to be called Cwen. (Which happens to be Old English for "Woman", and the word from which "Queen" was derived)






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