Academia Ars Magica Wiki
Job/Class Allomancy
Charter Mystic
Race Human
Sex Male
Age 18-19 (?)
Birthday 05-10-(1995?)
Death No
Home ???
Height 5'6" (?)
Weight ???
Hair Bobbed, Dark Brown
Eyes Brown???
Character Infobox

Marionetta is an odd one. She speaks to very few, and does so eloquently. She has told even fewer how she got into the academy, though she has displayed some telekinetic, empathic, and even self augmentory abilities, leading many to assume that she is simply a magical mutt or jack-of-all-trades. The truth, though, is quite spectacular; She is one of the few surviving members of a bloodline that can fully master Allomancy.





Allomancy is an ancient and archaic art, and is still poorly understood. It involves the ingestion and mutation of common minerals and metals, each of which produce a different effect. Why and how this works can only be theorized, as the testing required to observe and record such magics have been deemed unethical and banned by the "International Union of Magics and their Users" or INUMU.