Academia Ars Magica Wiki

Anomander - "The Flame of Azure". An artemist with powerful enchanting abilities. He dual wields custom-forged swords that also act as magical catalysts.

Evolette - "The Abyss Walker". A pacifist when in control of herself. Friendly, good natured and full of life. If successfully provoked, no receiver of her wrath shall be spared... Lets just say that all those years of pacifism and pent up emotions mix with the power of the Abyss itself to end the pitiful existence of her opponent.

Jaysefone - "The Fyrbrandt Soul". A boy born of an ancient Firedrake and a human woman. He is often playfully flamboyant, but has a weakness for shininess, explosions and his own ego. If he were ever to take things seriously, he would probably be one of the most powerful wizards alive.

Carl Franklynn - "The Anomoly". A tall spaz who always fails with the ladies. He has a few odd abilities, but no one really knows how he got into the academy with such little talent. His abilities include: Superhuman Stamina (He can run a mile in five minutes and still have the energy to be spazzy afterwards) , Superhuman Intuition (His hunches are rarely, if ever, wrong) and Superhuman Recovery (A blow that should knock someone unconscious for hours only does so for a few minutes). He also seems to be uncannily resistant against all forms of magic, offensive or not.

Phrankie Karliale - "The Shortstuff Heartthrob". A short ladies man with a talent for enchanting guns and their projectiles. He is ironically inseparable from Carl and honestly doesn't want the girls, while Carl does.

Albert (Pins) Remington - "The Prick". A posh, egotistical, British prick. He looks down on nearly everyone while wearing pinstripy suits and heavy cologne. You'd think the name comes from his pinstriped suits, but actually, it's a euphemism so people can call him a dick to his face without his knowledge.

Philip (Flip) Wyandanch - "The Artist". A geomancer with the ability to change pigments at will, sculpt smoke and move graphite/charcoal with his mind. He might be able to make animations on a single sheet of paper as well... We don't know yet.