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Rex Hellion
Job/Class Artemist
Charter Lunar Champion
Race Human
Sex Male
Age 18
Birthday 02-29-1996
Death No
Home Moonlit Halls
Height 5'7"
Weight ~185
Hair Sandy Blonde
Eyes Blue/Green (See Appearance)
Character Infobox

Rex Hellion (Reks Helïən) is a peculiar youth who was born into no proper magic lineage. He was chosen by the Moon Goddess, Selina. As her Champion, Rex is trusted with the Goddess' whims and tasks. He maintains the balance between the Moon and Sun with his abilities. His straightforward personality idealizes his courageous if self righteous nature.


Rex has fine dirty/sandy blonde hair that curls when it grows too long. His eyes often change from various shades of blue and green depending on his current emotion. He usually adorns a Moonlit sash over one shoulder that hold his Champion weapon: SunShred.


Usually playful and non-serious in most situations, Rex's general personality can turn in an instant. Despite his semi-serious tendencies, Rex has upright morals and standing in most affairs. He is a loyal, and clever person with a strong affinity for tones of light, engineering, and combat. His favorite form of magic besides his Champion Moonblessed Mysticism is anything relating to being an Artemist. 


When Rex was originally conceived, he was to be the Sun God's own personal Thaumaturge. Just before he came of age, the Moon Goddess Selina noticed Rex's untapped potential, and decided to claim him before the Sun God could make him a Thaumaturge. As a result, Rex gained the powers of the Moonblessed and fell out of favor of the Sun God.

Along with becoming Selina's Champion and gaining the axe SunShred, Rex gained the powers of a Moonblessed that allows him to control Moonlight to a degree. Becoming Moonblessed also unlocked Rex's ability to touch all forms of magic, so long as he doesn't break his covenant. 


Rex uses a specal set of abilities given to him as a Moonblessed, in addition to using Artemist style techniques. Being in the Moonlight grants him greater strength and prowess over magic. Controlling ribbons and tendrils of Moonlight allow Rex additional appendages to manipulate his environment. His axe, SunShred also tends to lend him strength when in use. The weapon is a catalyst for most of his combat Moonblessed ability.