Thorn rose concept by shiningembouchure-d5vglu4 - Modified.jpg
By ShiningEmbourchure[1]
Job/Class Artemist
Charter Hood (Red)
Race Human
Sex Female
Age 18
Birthday ?
Death No
Home ?
Height ?
Weight ?
Hair ?
Eyes ?
Character Infobox

Rosaline is



She is often described as crass and sassy. She never stops teasing and pushing buttons, except in rare cases, such as her good friend Tyberius Powell, whom she hurt quite a bit with one such jest.



Rosaline belongs to an ancient charter from central Europe called Hood. Notable members include robin of Locksley, Schneeweißchen (Snow White) and Rosenrot/Rotkäppchen (Rose Red/Red Hood). Her famuily has been with the Hood for so long that it has been ingrained within their very nature. She was named after Rose Red, and took on some of her personality, and becoming somewhat of an intellectual reincarnation of her. Her primary weapon is a scythe (No, not a gunscythe, RWBY came after Rosaline).


Official concept art by ShiningEmbouchure[2]:

Thorn rose concept by shiningembouchure-d5vglu4.jpg
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