Academia Ars Magica Wiki

Mysticism - The process of manipulating and augmenting the senses.

  • Illusion - Fooling the senses into believing they perceive something. Can be used to counteract Divination.
  • Divination - Augmenting the senses to perceive better and more. Can be used to counteract Illusion.
  • When both Illusion and Divination are used against each other, the result becomes a battle of wills.

Enchanting - The process of encoding specific magical algorithms into an object. This can be used to make a weapon ignite enemies, or, more commonly, as a ward against danger, unwanted entry or even movement (Though, that latter requires a full seal, as even non-magical beings have the willpower to resist a single movement-restricting ward. It is theorized that this is not only due to how native movement is to many beings, but also due to how close movement is to the nature of the soul itself.)

  • Memorization - A subschool of Enchanting: Encoding physical data into magical data, which can be used to store items. Due to the law of Equivalent Exchange, one cannot create something out of nothing. Whilst converting magical energy into matter is possible, it is extremely hard on the mind and soul, and thusly is discouraged. Instead, Transmutation is often used to reconstitute memorized objects.

Alteration - The process of manipulating the natural processes of the physical world.

  • Transmutation - A subschool of Alteration: Changing the molecular and subatomic structures of substances.
  • Telekinesis - A mixed school of both Alteration and Evocation that is used to apply kinetic energy. This can be used like gross motor skills to repel and "fling" objects, or like fine motor skills to unlock doors or draw/type/work from a distance.

Conjuration - Bringing something through the fabric of reality to make it instantaneously appear nearby. This is similar to Reconstitution, in the sense of making something appear, but is fundamentally different, as the object must already exist for it to be conjured.

  • Gatekeeping - A Subschool of Conjuration that is required to summon living and celestial things. This is due to the complex nature of the soul, and the violent nature of regular conjuration. This can also be used to "teleport" or "apparate" oneself.

Evocation - The process of tapping into and manipulating magical energy or other unseen source of power to produce a desired end. In effect, evocation draws upon magic to create one kind of energy from another. It comes in three categories:

  • Sorcery - Evocation by the power and authority of your own soul, by the functions laid out in spells, incantations, etc. (list of known sorceries) Sorceries often require the use of Reagents (such as Blood, Bile, Phlegm, body parts, familiar objects, materials, etc.) and Catalysts (Magical conduits such as Wands, Staves, Chimes/Bells, Crystal Balls, etc.)
  • Thaumaturgy - Evocation through a another soul's power and authority, often a deity or other similarly powerful soul, creating miracles, and doing the beings bidding. Thaumaturgy that opposes the host souls wishes and morals is impossible for this reason.
  • Volition (Mancy) - Evocation by conviction and willpower alone, often on an elemental level.
  • Arte & Actualization - An evocational school of thought that teaches the process of augmenting your own natural, physical processes, often for superhuman abilities and prowess. They are singled out due to their ease of use and understanding, allowing even the least powerful Mages to perform feats that would be otherwise impossible. As such, more physically inclined students often primarily learn these and other easy to understand magics. This does not necissarily mean that Artes and Actualizations are to be frowned upon, as they still require great skill to do well, and can often scale to even higher levels than other magics.