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Terrence Soulreaver
Job/Class Abyssal Gatekeeper
Charter N/A
Race Human
Sex Male
Age 18
Birthday 05-01-1996
Death No
Home Greenwich, Connecticut
Height 6'0"
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Black
Eyes Emerald Green
Character Infobox

Terrence Soulreaver is the upcoming heir to the Soulreaver family legacy. Like his legendary forefathers, Terrence is a Gatekeeper of extraordinary ability. He is often in the company of at least three of his spirits: Rory, his serpent; and his parasite spirits, Rime and Cinder. 


Terrence looks something like a cross between a teen idol and a punk. He is taller than most and well built, and has a symmetrical, somewhat boyish face. His eyes are an unnaturally deep green, and are the focal point of his face. While it is not known why his eyes have such an abnormal color, it has been rumored that it is the result of past Soulreavers fraternizing with spirits. Terrence's straight, black hair is usually spiked upwward, and he often wears a button up shirt with a vest, and designer jeans. 

Terrence also bears two tattoos on his forearms. They are the marks of the two parasite spirits that share his body. One is a tattoo of a green firefly, and the other is of a dark blue, worm-like sea serpent.

Terrence usually does not carry a weapon, neither in public nor in the academy. If forced to fight on the physical plain, he conjures short swords that resemble black ice.




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