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Tyberius Ahyen Powell
Job/Class Darkshard Bearer
Charter Crystalline
Race Human
Sex Male
Age 17-18
Birthday 06-28-1996
Death No
Home Rocky Mountains
Height 5'7"
Weight ~120
Hair Wavy Chestnut
Eyes Hazel
Character Infobox
I fail to see the point in life existing if not for a purpose. So I prefer to believe that there must be a purpose, though, not that I know it. I mean if any mortal knew their purpose, then none of us would still be here, now, would we?
—Tyberius, in response to one of Rex's idle jests.

Tyberius Ahyen Powell (Taïbïrïus ɜhaïen Paüəl He prefers Either Ty or Ahyen over Tyberius) is a youth who was born with no natural magical abilities, yet, was nonetheless chosen by the World Tree (Isis, Anima, Mana, etc.) to bear one over her crystal shards. Unfortunately, it was corrupted, turning it, and its magic, to darkness.


Tyberius has thick, layered, wavy and sometimes curly chestnut hair. His green-hazel eyes look deep blue in the right light, and often display false emotions. He wears starkly colored, unmarked clothing; no logos, no words, no pictures. Usually a pair of jeans and a blue, red, green, black or white T-shirt. Though, he occasionally wears plaid ("Because yellow is a secondary colour, his clothes are made of light" - Rex Hellion.) He has the distinctively broad Powell shoulders as well as their defined and somewhat chiseled face. He has little body hair above his waist, most of it, and very little at that, on his arms and legs. He has a ladle shaped scar on the palm-side of his right wrist from when he broke it in January 2013.


Tyberius often an intense and overly-serious person, worrying nearly to the degree of a mental disorder. He values honesty, intimacy and love above all other things, and will often withdraw from those he cares about if he feels he has failed to be so. But, if you catch him at the right time, or get him in the right mood, he can be energetic, carefree, spontaneous and somewhat of a spaz. This has lead him to consider that he might be bipolar (Manic Depressive) rather than just major depressive. Time has proven that some of these things come from his tendency towards neuroticism; he has a hard time not internalizing things and taking them personally. Which he then, due to his tendency towards perfectionism, beats himself up over continuously.


Tyberius was born under the non-magical surname Powell with all of his magical heritage running through his mother's side; Sergeant (Derived from the Latin "servire", meaning "servant"), a family of silent attendants to the World Tree. He would normally would have been given honorary second class status as the son of a direct daughter, but was for some reason chosen to bear one of the tree's lost crystal shards. Tyberius's connection with his shard grew incredibly strong at an unprecedented rate, giving it an almost perfect emotional parallel to him. During his elementary school years, it often fueled his anger into rage, and his sadness into despair. These bipolar effects became so volatile that he was eventually enrolled in a school that helped him control and suppress these tendencies, but it was in his thirteenth year of life, during the hell of junior high, when he brought shame to the Sergeant name; It was then that his crystal shard fell dark and was consumed by shadow.


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Crystal Shard

Information Here (Terleif Undim, Gonimo Myalo?) The shard manifests offensively as a blade as sharp as the bearer's mind, which, in Tyberius's case, is above average... perhaps even genius.


The following is how Tyberius fared on an online neuroticism test @

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This is a very young version of Tyberius's real-world counterpart (RWC): Tyree:

Isn't he adorable? ;)