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Umbrella Kate
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Job/Class Gravelord
Charter Abhorrent
Race Human
Sex Female
Age 17-18-19 (?)
Birthday 07-13-(1996?)
Death No
Home ???
Height ~5'4" ?
Weight ~120 ?
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes ???
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Umbrella Kate (Kathaline Jones) is a sassy, contrary, opinionated girl who delights in acting like she doesn't care what anyone thinks and being "intelligently impulsive" (A term which here means that impulses are given only enough thought to guarantee her own safety). As an Abhorrent Gravelord, she is often confused with common necromancers, and while she does use necromancy, she does so to return the restess dead to their graves and imprison their reanimators. She often uses the term "Anti-necromancer" to describe her job. She gets her name from the sinister, black umbrella (also called a parasol) that she, to the horror of her peers, uses as a weapon and catalyst for her magic. Also, it can talk... Let the theorising abound


The picture in the portrait box is a quick mash up from and was added by Magnymbus to compensate for the lack of information on this page, more specifically this section.


"sassy, contrary, opinionated", adventurous. She would probably either stalk or ignore her romantic interests rather than pursue them. She seems to have no qualms with arguing her opponents into exhaustion, if not rage first. I really need to work on getting to know Micaela better, Her caricature is pretty flat at the moment. 




}:) This will be fun when I actually get around to it.


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This is Kate's real-world counterpart (RWC): Micaela:

Everyone thinks Magnymbus (creator of Academia Ars Magica, and RWC of Tyberius Powell) hates her, but really, she just annoys him to no end. He would go to her funeral, and would probably cry... allot.