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"Väinämöinen (Finnish pronunciation: [ˈʋæinæˌmøinen]) is a central character in Finnish folklore and the main character in the national epic Kalevala. His name comes from the Finnish word väinä, meaning stream pool. Originally a Finnish god, [citation needed] he was described as an old and wise man, and he possessed a potent, magical voice." - Wikipedia on 6/18/2014\

Mortal Lore

Väinämöinen was an ancient, legendary and renown mage-hero who was deified by Finnish Folklore. His deification was later disputed by Elias Lönnrot, the writer of Kalevala.

In AAMagica Lore

Not much is known of him outside of his myths and of course Kalevala, but it is clear that his lineage has lived on, as many of his descendants have attended AAMagica, most recently Kenthavian Väinämöinen, who, judging by his surname, is most likely a direct descendant.


Väinämöinen's techniques are hard to separate from myth, but was a Magus of some sort, it is theorized that he may have used an archaic form of Artemism, judging by his sword, though, this cannot be proven.