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Vhanderwheyele Manor is an aristocratic estate built in the 15th century. The family was always related to darker and more secretive aspects of magic and Mundi. They fell into Demonism and where nearly destroyed by Slayers at the beginning of the 17th century. Erikis and his lover both "survived" the disaster, but both became undead. They drove off the slayers and eventually sealed the manor out of time.


Erikis Vhanderweyele

The reclusive head of a Noble family, and owner of Vhanerweyele Manor in the countryside around London. He is a brooding genius of a man, with ambition to spare. He is secretive, proper, calculating, yet oddly emotional. As an alchemist, he spends most of the time in his study, researching; abroad, searching for ingredients or secrets; or in his laboratory conducting experiments and such. alchemy includes potion-making, transmutation, and metaforming. His servants are secretive and protective of their master, but some tell tales of his experiments, and his odd habits. The truth behind the matter is that Erikis is a member of the misunderstood group of creatures known as Vampires. (bloodsucking, hypnotising, sleeping in a coffin, allergic to the sun, etc.)

He is searching for the most famous artifacts known to man: the elixir of life, the philosopher’s stone, the ambrosia tree, the golden fleece, the golden apple, etc.

His gargoyles aren’t just statues, and his suits of armour come to life in times of need. His castle is alive and he can speak to it, and some of his servants are a version of the undead (The living sign his Blood Contract. Ex: the chef).

He has a demon butler who takes his job very seriously, a mute maid named bonehilda who turns into a skeleton in the moonlight, multiple ghostly gardeners who appear and disappear eerily, his chef is a murderer who signed a blood-oath to escape from the law, and his personal maid is a humanoid homunculi.


Erikis' lover and wife. She has become hollow and is hidden deep below the manor as to not harm anyone, while preserving her existence.


A Demon who came looking for Erikis. Erikis "defeated" him buy forcing him into a contract of servitude. The demon must protect Erikis at all costs, and must do his bidding. If Boku ever fails to uphold the contract, he will forfeit any claim on Erikis' soul and will be locked away within a synthetic diamond jury-rigged as a spiritual prison and given to Death and the Divines.


A Homunculi created by Helena to dote upon Erikis when her hollowfication started to take over. Emileen's only wish is to please Erikis, and has effectively become his personal maid.

Jack DiStrappo

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